OMB's Peer Review Guidelines

Issue Overview

While peer or expert review plays an important role in the system of production and dissemination of scientific knowledge, recent efforts to force all federal agencies to adopt a uniform system of peer review will assist producers of hazardous products and pollution in their efforts to delay formal regulation and avoid compensating their victims. The formalized adoption of uniform peer review requirements by all federal agencies should be seen as part of the campaign to institutionalize mechanisms in which corporate interests can question the science underlying not just regulation but virtually any “information” disseminated by federal agencies.

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Background: Background on peer review of scientific information.

Peer review of regulatory science: Introduction to peer review of regulatory science.

Recent developments in peer review of regulatory science: Information about the stated purpose of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) guidelines (first proposed in August 2003) and criticisms of the proposal.

Proposal revisions: Revisions to the proposal, published in April 2004, and the final proposal, published in December 2004.

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